Kriti Sanon Workout Routine & Diet Plan |

Kriti Sanon Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Born on
July 27,1990 in New Delhi, India. She is an Indian model and film actress. A
student of Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, she is the sibling of
Nupur Sanon and the daughter of Geeta Sanon and Rahul Sanon.

She particularly debuted on screen as an actress when she was cast
on Sukumar’s Telugu psychological thriller film “Nenokkadine” in the
year 2014. In Bollywood, she was seen for the first time when she was
highlighted on the romantic action drama Heropanti. The said film earned her
the Filmfare Award for the best female debut.Just recently,she made appearance
on the romantic action comedy Dilwale which was regarded as one of the
highest-grossing Bollywood films ever.

Sanon’s Workout Plan

According to her, boxing and weight training are usually her
thing. She said in an interview,” I shed weight drastically when I workout
rigorously and it shows on my face much more as I am so thin and tall. I do
weight training four to five times a week. Kick boxing, I found this perfect
for me. My agility and balance has improved and I don’t end up with sunken
cheeks either. I end up shrinking when I Salsa too, so it’s all about finding
the right balance.”

I love pilates and it’s a fun way of working out my entire body.
But the body type I have, I need to combine it with weight training. So i do
pilates every alternate day. Pilates increases core strength,balance, increases
flexibility and activates every single muscle.Also, it never gets boring or
monotonous when you are using springs, pulleys, and your body weight. When I
was in Budapest, I luckily found a pilates trainer (Edina) close to where I was
staying. She had her own pilates studio.

Eat well, have small portions of meals after every two hours,
follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly, “she explained. ”
Drink adequate amount of water. Exercise can be anything that works for your
body type and what you enjoy doing-yoga, running,gym, weight training, dancing,
or swimming.”

Sanon’s Diet

She’s a healthy eater. She practices a balanced diet and one of
her healthy diet tips to drink warm water with honey. She said, ” I ensure
that I have warm water with honey to keep the toxins away. My breakfast is two
eggs in any way with two slices of brown bread and fresh juice or if there is
no juice, I have protein shakes along with a couple of brown bread slices. I
have a bowl of muesli sometimes, with hot milk.”

The actresses said that she particularly follow a balanced diet.
She said, ” I tend to lose weight very fast, so I make sure I eat well and
follow a balanced diet. My daily diet comprises eggs, brown bread,chicken or
fish, dal, vegetables, sweet potato, brown rice. I stay away from spicy and
oily food.”


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