Virat Kohli’s Workout Routine And Diet Plan |

Virat Kohli’s Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Well,we all know that Virat Kohli has garnered a number of fans in the least amount of time. He is stylish, charming, aggressive and has an excellent presence in the field. The most awesome factor of his personality is his fit body that allows him to show some real moves on the field. He also has an ample amount of stamina that helps him to stay on crease for an entire day without breaking a sweat.

It doesn’t matter if you are fond of Cricket or not, your eyes can never miss someone like Virat Kohli, the famous Indian international Cricketer and the most adored right-handed batsman. At the moment, he is leading the Indian team in Test Cricket. He is also the Vice Captain in limited over formats. Talking of the popular Indian Premier League (IPL), he leads the team called Royal Challengers Bangalore. He is an extremely dedicated player, due to which his fans go GAGA over him.

Virat Kohli’s Diet plan

  • Eat well: Virat doesn’t seem to believe that eating less food is good for your body. Rather he emphasises on eating freshly cooked meals to your heart’s content. He is a fan of home cooked meals and suggests everyone to avoid eating out when you can easily cook at home.
  • His favorite dishes: Virat seems to be a fan of fish and lamb chops. He probably cannot resist trying it out, when he is on tour and has to eat in restaurants or hotels. It’s pretty cool option as it’s filled with protein (the building blocks of our muscles) and contains fewer amounts of fats.
  • Mineral water: He also seems to be addicted to drinking only the purest form of water, i.e. mineral water. He has been seen only drinking mineral water on the tours which adds in to the fact that he is very serious about what he consumes. After all, water borne diseases can hit you up pretty badly.
  • Avoid Junk Food: Virat also seems to be the fan of the “avoid junk food” propaganda as he has been seen consuming organic wheat crackers over fried chips. It’s a pretty good choice as all those fried chips may seems delicious but can harm your body in more ways than you can imagine.

Virat Kohli’s Workout Routine

The best thing about Virat is that he eats all that he wants to, but doesn’t skip his regular workouts at the gym. He hits the gym at least 5 days a week, despite his hectic schedule.Unless he is on a tour or is busy playing or practising cricket,he makes sure that he goes to gym or works out at least for two hours at home.

His workout pattern includes a wide combination of weights as well as cardio exercises. While the weights allows him to have a larger body, the cardio exercises boost up his stamina for him. This combination has helped him develop muscles in he most appropriate manner, thanks to which he has such a remarkable body at present.

Virat Kohli’s Message For His Followers: 

For his followers, he has only 3 things to say:

  • Be dedicated and focused on your workout patterns- Looking at the time he spends at gym, despite his tight schedule, you can surely say why he suggests this to his fans. In order to achieve something, focus and dedication are the two things that you need the most in life.
  • Boost up your stamina to the most maximum- Sea foods boosts your stamina in a lot of ways, since they are major sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which also allows you to fight different diseases. It is simple- less diseases means less falling ill and less falling ill means more working out!
  • Do everything that you can to improve your immunity– Unless you are immune to your surroundings, it is just not possible for you to workout and stay fit as well as healthy. To increase your immunity, plan a diet chart depending upon the things that your body needs.


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