Want A Body Like Sultan (Salman Khan)? Have A look At Workout Routine & His Diet Plan |

Want A Body Like Sultan (Salman Khan)? Have A look At Workout Routine & His Diet Plan

Salman Khan is the superstar of Indian cinema who has inspired many with his extraordinary body. Nicknamed as the “Shirtless Wonder” of Bollywood, Salman is a fitness freak who does not like to skip  his workout routine. When he has a tight schedule, he may choose to exercise at 2 am in the night. This speaks for the discipline & dedication that has earned so much fame and success in his career. 

The Superstar Salman, who is known for the hardwork he puts in, he left no stone unturned to look inspiring enough for the role of a 40 year old wrestler. Salman Khan has been trained for the fight scenes in the movie by renowned Hollywood fight choreographer Larnell Stovall. With the gruelling sessions of training and all hectic schedule, no wonder Salman Khan has gone through quite some pain while preparing the role.

In Sultan, Salman Khan is a wrestler who later gets into MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) which requires an altogether different fitness regimen.

Salman Khan Diet Plan

Earlier Salman had a special interest in spicy Indian & Italian foods. Pav bhajis, ice creams & pizzas were his favorite. When he appointed Manish Advilkar as his gym trainer, Salman’s diet and exercise schedule was completely restructured to achieve the best possible results. He now has a protein-rich diet comprising fish, egg white, meat, and milk to complement his intense workout regimen. According to Salman, the kind of food you eat is as important to the body as your workout. Therefore, he not just concentrates on an extensive exercise but also avoids processed and sugary foods of all types. He burns 3000 calories each day with his rigorous workout.

Salman Khan Diet Chart

  • Breakfast: 4 egg whites with low-fat milk
  • Pre-workout: 2 egg whites, amino acid tablets, protein shake
  • Post workout: Almonds, oats,3 egg whites, protein bar
  • Lunch: Veggies with salad, 5 chapattis
  • Snack: Protein bar, nuts including almonds
  • Dinner: Vegan soup, fish/chicken, 2 egg whites

Salman Khan Workout Plan

He ensures that he is getting the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, vitamins through his diet. He works out for at least 3 hours a day and is known to do about 1000 push-ups or 2000 sit-ups in a day when he wants to go for an intense workout. He even goes cycling on the streets for hours as part of his cardio regime.

His workout consist of cycling, jogging or swimming for cardio,dead lifts for leg and back muscles, shoulder press, & bench press. Like the superstar Salman once said in one of the fitness expo’s in Mumbai (BodyPower Expo 2016) cheering up the young bodybuilders, “More than in the gym, body is made out of the gym, you might spend about 1 to 2 hours in the gym but, it is the discipline and strong mind that plays a greater role in achieving the desired body rather than your gym workout.’ That’s the secret behind owning a great body like he does.

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