Alia Bhatt Workout Schedule & Diet Plan |

Alia Bhatt Workout Schedule & Diet Plan

Born on March 15, 1993 in Mumbai Alia Bhatt is a young and popular Bollywood actress considered to be a big star in coming year. She is the daughter of famous film maker Mahesh Bhatt. Alia made her debut in Bollywood as a child artist with “Sangharsh” in 1999 playing the role of young Preity Zinta. She then appeared in lead role in Karan Johar’s  “Student of the Year”in 2012 along with two debutantes  Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra. Movie was a big hit and proved to be a great platform for all three of them to establish themselves in Bollywood.

Slender & sexy young actress is not genetically lean, she in-fact used to be a chubby girl prior to the beginning of her acting career. However,the offer to work in the movie, Student of The Year left no other choice to her but to scorch surplus pounds. Thirty-five pounds overweight, Alia was supposed to dramatically transform her body, which you all know is not an easy nut to break. However, perseverance and hard work paid off the actress quite well as she shed thirty-five pounds in mere three months. Alia is totally flattered with her new & curvy look, which is so far was completely alien to her.

Alia Bhatt Diet Plan

She went on a strict diet to shed the extra weight for her role of Shanaya. Now she follows a healthy and balanced diet of 5 small meals in a day to stay fit and healthy. Alia Bhatt’s diet plan includes:

  • Her Breakfast consists of a bowl of poha or a veg or egg white sandwich with a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.
  • For mid morning snacks she likes a fruit and a idli with sambar.
  • Her lunch comprises of a bowl of dal with one roti without butter and some veggies.
  • For evening snacks she like a idli with sambar followed by cup of tea or coffee without sugar.
  • For dinner she prefers one chapatti with veggies and rice with a bowl of dal and a piece of chicken breast.
  • She stays away from oily and junk food.
  • She loves to indulge in Rabri, kheer and pasta and drinks lot of water to stay hydrated.

Alia Bhatt Workout Routine:

Without fail, the sizzling star hits gym three to four times in a week. Cardio workout such as running, cycling, kickboxing, swimming and dancing are the workouts, which she practices to torch calories swiftly from her body. Besides that, she embraces yoga to build up strength and flexibility.

Apart from yoga, Alia was practices ballet dance to make her body svelte. She learnt the dance in her school days, but then overlooked it. Since the dance steps help her in making elegant postures, the sizzling actress has once again rekindled her forgotten love for ballet. The most interesting fact about the charming actress workout regime is, although she hired personal trainer to devise customized workouts for her to shed massive pounds, but now she performs all her workouts on her own without being monitored by an expert.

Due to her busy schedule Alia doesn’t go to a gym daily. She trains for an hour 3-4 days a week and follow cardio and yoga to maintain her size to zero figure. Alia Bhatt workout routine is given below-


15 minutes running on tread mill

3 sets of lat pull downs of 12-15 reps

3 sets of push-ups of 12-15 reps

3 sets of dumbbell raises of 20-25 reps

3 sets of triceps push downs of 12-15 reps

3 sets of bicep curls of 15-20 reps

Tuesday : Rest


10 minutes running on treadmill for warm up

3 sets of crunches of 20-25 reps

3 sets of reverse crunches of 12-15 reps

3 sets of bicycle crunches of 20-25 reps

3 sets of back extensions of 12-15 reps

Thursday: Rest


10 minutes running on tread mill for warm up

3 sets of forward lunges of 20-25 reps

3 sets of dumbbell lunges of 12-15 reps

3 sets of backward lunges of 20-25 reps

3 sets of squats of 20-25 reps

10 minutes jogging on treadmill

Saturday: Rest

Alia Bhatt Workout Tips

  • Have your dinner before 2 hours of going to bed and drink plenty of water.
  • Cardio is the best way to burn extra calories so follow cardio exercises to lose weight
  • Try to avoid or limit the intake of oily and junk food.

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