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Did You Know That Your Face Wash Exfoliating Beads Can Give You Cancer

care products like cleansing facewashes and face scrubs have become very
popular as the ads for these products promise flawless skin,as the ingredients
in these products gently exfoliate the skin & in time they help to get rid
of the upper layer of damaged skin. However,as all of us know,advertisers are
not known for their truthfulness!It is true that the ingredients in these
scrubs will help to get rid of the uppermost layer of dead skin cells along
with any grime or dust on your skin,but there is no evidence that they can help
to reduce pitted acne scars. Furthermore,we are now warned that some of these
ingredients and downright harmful-and microbeads are among the worst and can
pose very serious health risks.

What Are Microbeads?

Microbeads are extremely tiny plastic balls (5mm or less) that are
added to cleansing facewashes and face scrubs. As you massage these products
into your skin,the plastic microbeads rub against your skin and this helps to loosen
the grease and grime on your skin so that you can literally “scrub”
your skin clean. The effect of these face scrubs is therefore similar to using
very fine-grain sandpaper to cleanse your skin-believe it or not,some people
actually use sandpaper as part of their regular beauty regimen!

What Are The Health
Risks From Microbeads?

Microbeads seems to be innocent enough and it is unimaginable that
something so small can pose any sort of significant health risk.However,several
studies now show that these beads impact ground water,lakes,rivers and oceans
in ways no one anticipated. These plastic beads are ingested by fish and marine
life that mistake them for food and this allows plastic pollutants to enter our
food chain where they contaminate all life include ours. Studies show that as
these plastic microbeads start to degrade they break down and the chemicals in
them have severe & widespread effects on the reproductive,neurological,and
immune systems of fish and animals and even to humans.

What Are The Alternatives To Microbeads?

Several companies are now switching to organic, cellulose-based
microbeads,which do not pose these health risks,so you can avoid any product
that includes polymers;you can also make your own natural face scrub at home.

You can also make your own home scrub by mixing honey,gram
flour,sour lime juice,and a little water.Mix this thoroughly until you have a
thin paste and use this instead of your regular face scrub. Lime juice is a
natural acid and it will help to breakdown any grease and oil on your skin
while gram flour has natural cleansing properties. The honey in this face scrub
will moisturize your skin, so using it will not cause your skin to dry out.


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