Stretching Will Help You To Lose Weight Fast |

Stretching Will Help You To Lose Weight Fast

Exercising and stretching are by far the easiest things to do if you want to lose weight.

It’s because you are only required to push your body to a certain limit and keep it regular.You don’t have to do anything more than invest a few hours in your body to be in shape. Yes,sometimes we don’t have time to go to the gym and in such cases,exercising at home really helps.

Stretching is a form of exercise that involves controlled lengthening and shortening of various muscles in your body.It is frequently performed in association with more strenuous forms of exercise such as aerobics or strength training.While stretching does not typically contribute to weight loss,it does help prepare your body for exercises that do help you lose weight.

Stretches to lose weight-

  • Stretch your hands up and breathe in

Doing this every morning is beneficial in two different ways.Firstly,it releases all your stress and fatigue that is usually stored in us every morning.Secondly,when you stretch those hands upwards and breathe in heavily,then when you release the breath,it burns a lot of your fat.In fact,repeating it 20-30 times a day can burn more calories than 1 hour walk.

  • Stretch your legs in different directions

If you have a lot of thigh fat that you want to get rid of,this particular stretch will help you.Just stretch your legs in different directions as much as you can,hold the position for 5 seconds and then release.Do this 25 times everyday for great results.

  • Run stretch

If you want to lose weight in the quickest manner possible,run stretch is what you need to do.Just stretch your arms up,tighten your legs and try to run slowly.Even if you run for 30 minutes everyday,you will see a difference in one month.

  • Boxing stretch

There is a lot of fat collected in our arms and shoulders.To get rid of that fat,boxing stretch is what you need to do.Just try boxing with one hand after another and stretch it as far as possible.This will surely help you shed some pounds from your hands.

These are the stretches to lose weight-These four stretches are tried by a lot of people and they have actually shed a lot of weight with it. So,try them on regular basis and you will be amazed to see the difference.Make sure,you are not losing a track of time or days.

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