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Is Brown Bread Really A Healthy Choice?

Eating healthy is trendy for sure, making brown bread the popular choice with most consumers. Yes, with all the information out there, brown bread would certainly seem like a healthy choice over white bread, but while that may be true, is brown bread really a healthy choice over white bread, but while that may be true, is brown bread really a healthy food? Or,is it just a little less unhealthy as compared to regular white bread?

What’s Really In Your Brown Bread

While you might vouch for the color, keep in mind- just as you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t judge your food solely by its color! Brown bread’s color is often nothing more than the product of caramelized sugar or brown dye added to white bread slices. While this may give it the appearance of something healthy and nutritious, that isn’t really the case.The healthy perception of brown bread is actually nothing more than a marketing gimmick by manufacturers to sell those loaves of bread. If you think brown bread is going to impart you with good nutrition then beware!

Ditch this unhealthy version of bread and embrace healthier options, but most importantly learn to read the food labels more closely.

Bake Your Own Bread

If you are serious about eating healthy and really love bread, the best thing that you can do would be to bake a loaf of bread with different types of healthy flours available in the market. Try adding buckwheat (kuttu), ragi flour, bajra, and oats to your loaf of bread, as all of these ingredients are packed with fiber and essential nutrients.

Now that you know the whole truth packaged bread and have plenty of healthy bread alternatives, we hope that you can make better choices for yourself  and your family. If you must by packaged breads, don’t fool yourself into believing that they are healthy at the very least!

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