Try Smoky Eye Makeup This Wedding Season..! |

Try Smoky Eye Makeup This Wedding Season..!

Like the little black dress, the smoky eye is timelessly sexy. But too many women skip it altogether, because it seems too hard to create..! Smoky eye is a famous eye makeup trend and every girl look gorgeous while wearing this sexy eye makeup.

So,here i am providng you some tips that will help you to create perfect smoky eye makeup for yourself. Follow this simple steps:


  1. Use a medium-size round brush to apply charcoal gray powder in an arch shape just above the crease of the lid. Then blend down to the lash line.
  2. Trace the upper lash line with a soft black pencil, then gently smudge with your fingertip.
  3. With a smaller, firm-bristle brush, press a gunmetal shade into the lower lash line.
  4. Apply a pale silver powder to the inner corners of the eyes to lighten the overall effect.
  5. Pile on mascara.

Clean Up Excess Shadow

Erase shadow mistakes without ruining your makeup: Dip a cotton swab in concealer, then skim it over the skin. The concealer will pick up shadow without smudging.

Add A Modern Twist

Purple is a modern take on to the smoky eye. Apply a pale violet shadow on the lids, then blend a dark plum shadow into the creases. Rim lower lashes with black liner and top with a layer of lilac shadow applied with a wet brush.

Make It Last

For a smoky eye, moisturize the area first, so when you line the lid with a pencil it will smudge naturally.

Make It Fast

For a smoky eye in a flash, use just eyeliner. Rim lids with a black pencil, making the line quite heavy; then wipe it off. You will be left with a sexy wash of color.



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