DIY-Ombre Lips- A New Trend Alert |

DIY-Ombre Lips- A New Trend Alert

Ombre is a french word that is defined as having tones of colors that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark. From ombre hair, to nails and lips, the trend has spread like wild fire and the fashion industry simply can’t have enough of it. And why not? Using the same styles can get super boring.

So how do you achieve the perfect ombre lips? Let’s get started with some basic tips to prepare your lips for the ombre look. Irrespective of the style that you choose for the look, remember to start by moisturizing your lip area with a good hydrating lip balm. Use a lip scrub to smoothen rough or flaky lips. Lastly apply a light concealer all over your lips to hide the darkness or any lip pigmentation that you may have.

The different ombre looks you can try

Dark to light

As the name suggests, the look basically has dark and defined lines and go lighter towards the inside of the lips. To decide the colors, pick a dark shade pencil color for the outline and a lighter shade in similar hues for the inside of the lip. Moisturize well and start by defining the outline in multiple strokes. Now use the lighter shade and blend it. Gloss it up. Your first ombre look is ready.

Self-explanatory! Isn’t it? Reverse the use of colors such that inner most part of the lip is darker and the colors get lighter as you move out. Try it out with pink.Start with a darker colour inside and move on to lighter shades on the outer portion.

The simplest form of ombre lips is to use the lighter shade on one lip and the darker shade on the other lip and then blending them in at inner side of the lips. Remember, wearing gloss gives a fuller look to your lips.

The sexy, ombre lip look is one you are going to want to wear always, and shout to the world about it. Be creative and bold with your makeup and out this amzing and gorgeous ombre lip look.

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