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Should Using Conditioner Before Shampoo Is Good For Hair?

Want shiny, healthy hair then start applying conditioner before shampoo.It would probably go like this something like this: rinse shampoo,rinse conditioner and may be repeat.The truth of the matter is that to really get your hair to look the best it can be, you need to completely reverse the way in which you think about washing your hair. In other words: conditoning your hair before you shampoo it. This method is otherwise known as “reverse hair washing.”

Even if you don’t have fine hair,it’s a great technique to try with your everyday conditioner. By cleansing after you will be eliminating any lingering buildup either formula can leave behind.Brands like TRESemme are already on board, with a reverse washing system of their own new to the market. Reverse washing will actually stretch the lifespan of your style by whisking away the aforementioned excess conditioner, as well as any natural oils that could cause your layers to fall flat.

However, TRESemme has just released a new pre-shampoo conditioner that’s specifically made to be used everyday.It’s a regular, daily conditioner designed to be used before shampoo which makes it different than your average deep conditioner.It’s called TRESemme Beauty-Fall Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner you can buy it online as it is not available in india. It is made to hydrate and smooth frizz without weighing it down.

Why to do conditioning before shampoo?

According to experts it’s because conditioning before shampooing nourishes fine hair without flattening it. To put it simply,reverse washing gives your hair the hydration it needs without leaving it coated with a heavy conditioner-based chemical residue and you will get world’s best hair experience.

Important Reminders Before You Start

Before you go for shower to test out this cool new hair washing technique there are few things that you should remember if you want best results:

To start ensure that you thoroughly soak your hair with water before applying any conditioner. Putting conditioner on damp or mostly dry hair is going to make it difficult to spread it throughout your follicles.

Second,whatever you do,don’t rinse out your conditioner right after you are done lathering it up. It needs to sit on your hair and scalp for around 3-5 minutes.

If you rinse conditioner before shampooing,you will still benefit from reverse washing just not as much. This is because the conditioner acts kind of like a shield, creating a barrier between your hair and your shampoo, making it so that your hair gets clean without being stripped of all of its natural oils.

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