Dip Dye Has Made Comeback As A Nail Trend |

Dip Dye Has Made Comeback As A Nail Trend


Hey…have you got the latest gossip about Dip dye nail trend comback? If you are trying yourself to keep up with current nail trends then you will definitely need to learn that how to get dip dyed nails. Dip dyed nails also known as ombre or gradient nails, are very easy to do. The next generation in nail enhancement technology. Revel nail Dip powders Feel and look natural and do not damage the nail bed.

Dip powder comes in atones of color, clear and the proper shades to accomplish the look of a French American manicure.The dip powder application process is faster than that of traditional arcylic nails and there is no I repeat, No funny, toxic fumes.

The application only requires resin,an activator, and fine powder-all odor-free. The Revel Nail Dip Powder System’s innovative technology was developed by a group of nail professionals with decades of industry experience.

To begin,don’t forget to sanitize your hands first.Use a fine sand band to remove the shine from your nails.

Apply#1, Prep Solution, to the natural nail.

Apply#2, Probase. It is very sticky. Do not wipe excess liquid on opening of bottle. This may cause clogging. Dip the brush and pull the brush straight out.

When applying #2 to one nail and then dip the finger in the powder before moving on to the next finger.Dip the finger into the powder using a scooping motion and tap excess powder of of nail. The powder should have a wet appearance. If not, then not enough probase was applied.

For a french manicure, apply probase on one finger. Place finger on rim of jar and then slide forward slowly to get the desired amount of white. Remove and tap excess next dip the finger into the pink powder using a scooping motion. Repeat this process.

After drilling use a buffer to smooth out nails.Don’t forget rinse hands with water, no soap, Dry fingers. At last nail have air dried for 1-2 minutes apply cuticle oil to moisturize.





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