Lip Primers That Will Long-Lasts Your Lip Color |

Lip Primers That Will Long-Lasts Your Lip Color

Lip color, no matter which shade you choose, can be girl’s instant pick me up. Yet when applied incorrectly, it’s a major downfall. Regular exfoliation and lip liner help to prevent dry, cracked lips and lips feathering, but lip primer does wonders to
ensure smooth and long-lasting color.

Any girl who is a regular lipstick queen knows that staying power counts just as much as the color does, and using a good primer can give almost any lipstick the ability to stay on your lips for hours an end. Primers can prevent your lips from feathering, fading, bleeding, and give your lips a good moisture underneath the

Don’t take a chance on fading, feathering lipstick! Use these amazing lip primers to keep things in place for hours an end.

Benefits Of Lip Primer

  • A good quality lipstick primer
    will moisturize your lips, leaving them hydrated and soft to the touch
    instead of feeling tight, dry, cracked or peeling. 
  • Primers prepare your lips for
    the long haul and greatly minimize the number of times you need to reapply
    lipstick. It also help to keep the lipstick off your teeth when eating or
    drinking eliminating that embarrasing stare.
  • It is especially good for those
    who wear matte lipstick with no frost or gloss. Matte shades have a harder
    time staying in place and looking fresh for any length of time without a
  • The right primer will stop
    lipstick bleeding, outside your lip lines, by providing the perfect
    surface your lipstick will stick to.

Here are some best lip
primers for your lips:


Prep+Prime Lip by MAC

Lip Insurance by Too Faced


Pout Prime by MUA


Lip Primer Potion by Urban Decay



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