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Choose The Right Lip Liner for Your Lips

As for makeup foundation is the main for skin similarly the lip-liner is the main foundation for lips.Lip liner should be choosen carefully. Not every liner looks good on every woman.

When choosing a lip liner, pick one with a color that easily blends in with your lipstick or lip-gloss.Your lipstick/ lip-gloss’s shade should therefore be taken into consideration when choosing a liner. When applied correctly, lip liner can help define lips and prevent lip-gloss/lipstick’s color from disappearing throughout the day. A lipstick or lip-gloss that looks great next to your skin in its most natural element will even make your lips look even better when applied. 

Always remember if you choose lip liner wisely and correctly it will make your lips gorgeous and beautiful. Choose the lip liner according to the color of lips. Nude and pink lip liner looks good on fair lip skin. Choose brown liner if the lip skin is dark colored. Before you choose a lip liner color, take your lipstick shade into consideration. Experts suggest shopping for lip color sans makeup. A lipstick that looks great next to your skin in its most natural element is sure to make your lips look even better when you are wearing makeup. 

Some tips to choose lip-liner correctly

If you cannot make a decision, a neutral color will work for anyone. When selecting a lip liner, your skin tone should be taken into consideration. Deciding whether you have fair, medium, or dark skin always helps, too. If your skin tone is fair with pinkish undertones, it will be wise to consider and pick a shade anywhere between nude, coral, and apricot pink. If your skin tone is a bit warmer or tanner, mauves, blushes, and rose lip liner colors should work well. For dark or black skin tones, wines, brown or purple lip liner shades are best that will match to your skin.

If you have thin lips. Don’t worry you can still make them look bigger by applying lip liner correctly. Matching your lip color to your outfit is also a no-no, especially if you choose a splashy red color. Generally, women with pale skin look best in cherry red, while olive-skinned girls might want to try a slightly more rustic red. The darker your skin, the deeper the shade of red should be.

When applying lip liner color, use the pencil to line your lips. When drawing the line, gently brush the pencil in sweeping strokes. This will create a more natural line. While doing this, be sure to hug the outer edges of the lips, in order to emphasize their shape. The more defined an edge, the more dramatic the look. While perfection isn’t a necessity, any dark smudges may show through your lipstick top coat.

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