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Some Tips To Keep Yourself Fit This Diwali

As Diwali coming nearer it brings more excitement and joy to celebrate it. Diwali is also a festival of eating different foods and sweets. 

At Diwali, we tend to eat a lot of sweets, but remember that moderation is key and and one should always keep one’s health and weight in check. Fatty foods, sweets and other fried snacks should be enjoyed in small amounts. Many people are doing hard work to maintain their health and shape.

All hardwork that we do strikes suddenly and push us to forget about dieting and not eating sweets.The one time in the year when the entire family gets together and gorges on some yummy “Homemade food” and sweets/ mithai made by our mothers and grandmothers. It is that time of the year when people forget their dieting and exercises and throw caution to the wind as they savour the heavenly food and delectable sweets.

Today I am telling some simple tips by which you can keep yourself healthy and safe:

  1. Stay Hydrated: Try to drink plenty of water. Low water intake can make one feel more tired and low on energy as this inhibits the absorption of other macro nutrients.
  2. Eat in Proportion: Take part in the bonding session and eat everything but in proportion. Take 2 bites of everything specially calorie laden sweets and fried food. Remember anything beyond 2 bites is greed.
  3. Stay away from sweets that has chemicals preservatives because intake of these chemical sweets can harm your heaith. Instead of eating these yummy looking mithai’s, you can prefer eating the sweets that your mother made at home.
  4. Also avoid silver coating sweets. These foils are made up of aluminium and being a hazardous metal can accumulate our body tissues and can also enter in our brain.
  5. Do not skip your exercise routine. Make it a habit in fact for days during Diwali and for a month after Diwali, increase the duration of your exercise by 15 minutes. It is better to stay active and fit and simultaneously keep the weight gain at bay. Do include a few calming poses at the end of the workout to help re-energise your body and mind. 

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