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Decorate Your Home With Floral Rangoli This Diwali

When it comes to decorating your home in diwali. The first thought that comes in our mind is to decorate beautiful rangoli in doorstep. Making a preparation of decorating beautiful rangoli is not an easy task. It requires lot of practice and dedication to have perfection in making perfect rangoli.

Rangoli is an important part of our Indian traditions. They are patterns which are drawn in the living rooms and courtyards, and they include colorful powders to enhance the look of them. These act as a vibrant part of Indian festivities and they are done on most auspicious occasions. Rangoli designs are known to bring good luck in the families, and these are includes on many milestones of people’s lives as well. Let us go through some of flower and petal rangolis which the most commonly used designs for them.

There’s a belief that rangoli in a doorstep means to invite Goddess Laxmi that brings happiness and wellness in home.

Here I am bringing you some floral rangoli patterns that you can try out this diwali..!

  1. You can start with the simple flower designs for rangoli. By practising these simple designs for rangoli you can easily get perfection and it is the best start for beginners too.
  2. If you are a fan of colourful rangoli designs then you can add some yellow lily and orange mogra flower that will make your rangoli look perfect.
  3. you can also decorate your stairs with half floral rangoli. All you need to take some colourful flower petals and you can draw half circle rangoli in stairs.

Rangoli act as a vibrant part of the indian festivities and also rangoli designs are known to bring good luck in the families. Some most famous floral rangoli designs for diwali:

Green and orange oetaled rangoli

This is a very neat base rangoli pattern and you can do it yourself. Start with the circle in the middle & then follow it with another circle.Make the light green colored petal shape and then make the border in brown.After the brown circle you have to make a 8 cornered star shape. You can also add petal-like designs on the inside and then color them in two distinct shades of green. For the final outing, don’t forget the colorful vermilion flowers.

Bright floral patterns with diyas

Just by adding some neat base to your creativity can give you a more beautiful rangoli. All you need is some vibrant quality colors. First make the circular pattern in the middle  and then follow same green petals pattern.The yellow petals will give a little more exclusive look to your rangoli, same with the blue petals as with the green ones.Make diyas in the exterior part of the rangoli and you are done with your sweet floral rangoli.

Blue and pink floral patterns with diyas

It includes the same pattern as in the above rangoli. A little change has been made in this rangoli.The design differs in the middle and so do the colors. Start off from floral in the middle. Keep the center circular or simply add some diyas like you see. The next petal-like shapes are different from the first and the third one again differs from both of these. Make the diyas and add some original ones too.

So try out this some gorgeous floral rangolis this diwali and some beauty to your home. Your home will look like a heaven with these floral rangoli designs.

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