Is Waxing Really Good for Skin..? |

Is Waxing Really Good for Skin..?

What’s the first thought that came in every girl’s mind when it comes to waxing…Ouch, it hurts, it’s too hot my skin will burn…Oh my god. So many girls see it as a horror that removing hair with wax is painful. Yes of course it’s quite painful especially in sensitive areas. But it also gives lots of benefits to your skin. You can get rid rid of shaving your hair’s everyday in your busy schedule.

Waxing is a hair removal technique which is considered to be semi-permanent in nature & works by removing the hair at the root. Almost all of the areas of the body can be waxed including eyebrows, face, legs, arms, back, abdomen, the bikini area, & feet.
Waxing should always be done by a trained esthetician!

Strip waxing is used by spreading a wax combination in a thin layer over the skin. A paper strip or cloth is applied and pressed gently onto the wax layer & then quickly ripped off in the opposite direction of the natural hair growth. Waxing should be done nicely,slowly and gently. If you apply hot wax in your skin due to hurry,it may harm your skin and will leave burn marks that will give you pain and also make your skin look ugly instead of getting clean and beautiful skin.

Two Main Types of Body Waxing

  • Cold Waxing: In cold waxing, you don’t need to heat the solution before applying it on your skin. The wax is already applied on the strips– you just need to press them on the desired area and strip it off the opposite direction of the hair growth.
  • Hot waxing: Hot waxing, on the other hand, requires heating the wax and applying it to the area with a desired temperature. Hot waxing is more advantageous because it adheres better to hairs.

Some Useful Benefits Of Waxing:

  • As waxing removes hair from the root as opposed to shaving which cuts hair from the shaft that is exposed on the skin, it means that the hair takes longer to grow back as the hair bulb needs to be formed again under the skin. This means not having to shave all the time or indeed use any form of hair removal and your skin is smooth and hair free for longer.
  • When hair grows back, it grows back soft, whispy and fine, no irritable, itchy and thick stubble. No stubble and flat hair growing back means no sharp black dots or ingrowing hair.
  • Continuously waxing and removing hair from the root itself causes the hair to slowly die. Having been waxing for 15 years now my hair growth is now light and patchy and not super noticeable.
  • Hot wax Contains honey, beeswax and other components. Removes hair with the help of fabric strips. Hard wax with same consistency hardens and can be taken off by hand. Cheaper in cost but not reccomended for sensitive skin.

    Flavoured wax contains Milk, chocolate, aloe vera — costlier but advised for sensitive skin.

    Homemade made by heating honey, sugar, lemon juice, also a great option for sensitive skin.

Most women’s get confused about which wax would be better for their skin. So here I am bringing some tips that will be useful for you:

  1. Chocolate wax is considered to be less painful as compared to regular wax.
  2. Aloe vera wax is extremely gentle and best for those who have sensitive skin.
  3. Flavoured wax is so gentle, you can even use it in your face.
  4. A Brazilian wax is especially known when you want to wax to remove hair “Down There.” Oops sorry…i mean when get brazilian wax they remove everything from the front to the back.

So girls say Goodbye to your boring irritating razors and start giving your body a smooth & silky pleasure of waxing…!

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