Must Try These Fall Makeup Trends 2016 |

Must Try These Fall Makeup Trends 2016

With days getting shorter and mornings turning colder, it is not hard to tell that fall is on the cards and will arrive very soon. Fall is one season which is most awaited and admired by a majority of people. For some, it is about hot chocolate, bonfires and cosy mornings in the quilt. While for some of us it is about the latest trends which are going to rule our closets and vanities. In this post, we are going to discuss some of the trends which are definite try for fall 2016.

Black eyeliner

 Black eyeliner is a classic and is always in trend. But for the fall 2016 black eyeliner should be on top of your list. You go for either liquid, gel or kohl depending on what you prefer and the kind of look you are trying to achieve. For most intense and dramatic looks liquid liners work really well but for a softer and minimalistic look gel liners and kohl is the best. Also when it comes to the technique or style you can go all out with your imagination. Try the classic cat eye or the winged liner or smoke out your kohl to make it look more sexy and sultry.

 Bold Lips

Red lipstick is a classic, but this year there’s been major agreement from designers on the shade of the year. Go for a bright candy-apple red – don’t hold back! If you’re looking for something darker, change up a deep, matte red by giving it an ombré finish.

The trick to pulling it off? Pair those red lips with an extra-clean face. Try skipping foundation for a few touches of concealer.If you are someone who is not that comfortable with dark shades may find it a little intimidating but if you dare to try these lip colours you are sure to make a lot of heads turn while walking down the street.

Glitter- A little glitter can make anything better. This is one of those phrases which are actually true. Glitter is a trend you need to up your fall game. The best way to use it without going all out for it is by using a glitter eyeliner. But if you are feeling a little ballsy then you can definitely go for the entire eyelid or try the glitter freckles too.

Hiding the Shine

Gone are the days of patting on powder to mask shiny skin – it always wears off anyway, so why bother? Some designers have even taken to playing up the shine by skipping foundation and highlighting the face with Vaseline or clear lip gloss to play up the look of having come right from a beach, a sauna, or a wild all-night party. Shine on! If you want to embrace this shining trend in a practical way, try strobing!

Bright Eyes

Though fall is more about dark colours and things vampy, for your eyes bright coloured eyeshadows are currently in trend. Again the application and the usage depends a lot on your personal preference. You either go for the entire lid or add a splash or colour here and there. If you do not own any bright eyeshadows, then you can put your other products to multitasking as well. Use a bright fuchsia lipstick as your eyeshadow or even a burgundy lip gloss will be a great choice.

Sleek hairdo’s

Sleek, pulled back hair is to watch out for the coming fall season. The wet hair look is extremely sexy yet laid back at the same time. The best of the celebrities and top models have carried this look from time and again and coming fall is the best time to try it for yourself as well.

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