Hair Color Highlights & Global Hair Color Style |

Hair Color Highlights & Global Hair Color Style

Coloring complete hair is known as global color.Global color is done for grey hair and for darkening or lightning the natural color of the hair. Need to chose global color matching color of the hair and skin tone.

  • Global Hair Color Method
Wash the hair properly before coloring it. Make two parts of the back hair and part of the hair ear to ear.Apply the color in one part about one inch area. While applying the color massage the color on hair gently. Take thin strands and apply one by one in same all through the hair. Now start second application on the lower part of the hair about 1 inch.

With 20 volume do the same. For 40 minutes leave on and then wash it carefully.Use the shampoo and conditioner which is specially made for coloring/ protecting hair after washing it properly with normal water.Take 20 to 30 volume developer for full hair color (FASHION SHADE) for the application.

Hair Color Highlights

Making the hair color lighter than the natural color of the hair is called highlights.Light color is done in different ways in 30% to 50% of hair.

Highlights can be done with almond, blonde, copper red, platinum blonde, silver blonde, gray iceberg, pearly blonde etc colors.

Blonde highlights should be done with 9% to 12% of developer. Red highlight should be done with 6% to 9% developer.

Highlight Color Mixing

  • One tube with 100ml developer of 40 volume.
  • Half tube with 50ml developer of 40 volume.
  • Quarter tube with 25 ml developer of 40 volume.

Highlights Technique

  • Diagonal Technique
  • Traditional Technique
  • Box Technique

Highlights Applying Method

With different techniques highlights can be done. It should be done sparing 1 inch hair. It should be suitable to skin color. For highlights aluminium foil is used. Heat is created with the help of aluminium foil tightly so that the outside hair should not get in. Leave on for 5 minutes. There are two types of highlights slicing and weaving.

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