Hypertension Can Be Dangerous for Children |

Hypertension Can Be Dangerous for Children

Hypertension is high blood pressure,children are also susceptible to hypertension. Hypertension can be prevented since the child was three years old.

Hypertension or high blood pressure can happen to anyone. Even hypertension can affect children.
“Many people deem that hypertension is found only in adults. In fact, the increase in hypertension in adulthood occurs because early detection in childhood,” said dr. Arieska Ann Soenarta, SpJP, hypertension expert and founder InaSH, when met in the ‘Press Conference World Hypertension Day 2016: Know Your Blood Pressure’ in Bendungan Hilir, Central Jakarta.

Therefore, early detection of childhood are necessary to prevent the occurrence of hypertension in adulthood. Supposedly children aged over three years starting blood pressure be checked regularly.

In newborns, hypertension occurs due to renal artery thrombosis, or blood clots in the kidneys. Whereas in children, hypertension is caused by abnormalities of secondary renal abnormalities in the network as much as 78 percent, endocrine disorders such as hyperthyroidism, hiperakdosterone, drugs, and chest constriction of the aorta.

As a teenager, hypertension often resulting from heredity and lifestyle is not healthy. “Should more attention to diet and activity of children because of obesity due to lack of exercise, high dietary intake of salt can cause hypertension in children,” said dr. Arieska.

Hypertension linked to poorer performance on cognitive tests

For their study, the research assessed the cognitive test results of 150 children aged 10-18 years. Of these, 75 had newly diagnosed hypertension, while 75 had normal blood pressure.

The team excluded subjects from the analysis if they had other conditions known to impact cognitive skills, such as learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and sleep disorders.

“We wanted to make sure that if we found differences between children with and without hypertension, it was likely associated with the hypertension itself, not any of these other factors,” explains Dr. Lande.

Compared with children and adolescents who had normal blood pressure, those with high blood pressure performed worse on tests of visual skills, visual and verbal memory, and processing speed, the team reports.

What is more, the researchers found that high blood pressure was more common among children with sleep problems, supporting previous research suggesting poor sleep can impair cognitive functioning.

Familiarize children to activities outside the home. Do not let children play too many gadgets or watching television that makes the child’s body does not move. Get used to give children foods with salt that is low enough.

“As an adult the child will be familiar with the food a little salt if the parents get used since childhood,” said dr. Arieska.

Children with hypertension are at risk nearly four times more likely to suffer from hypertension in adulthood compared to normal children. “Hypertension in children impact on cardiovascular health such as heart disease or stroke in adulthood due to hardening of the arteries has been ongoing since childhood,” he added.

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