Some Tips To Make Hand & Feet Beautiful Naturally…. |

Some Tips To Make Hand & Feet Beautiful Naturally….

Taking care of hands and feet doesn’t only mean moisturizing. Simple steps in your daily routine can protect against nasty infections and even cancer. Find out how to keep skin both soft and healthy…

You probably have a daily regimen for keeping your face clean and moisturized. But what about your hard-working hands and feet?

Hands and feet are one of the most neglected part of body when it come to beauty care. No matter how good you look, the roughness and dryness of your hand can mar your overall look and your cracked feet can steal away the elegance form your gait. Sometime beautiful legs became style statement, who can forget the famous Hollywood diva Sharon Stone who was extremely popular for her beautiful legs.imagine if her legs are complemented with ugly and dirty feet??? you can’t really call her glam if that were so.. could you?

The biggest beauty mistake people commit is that they generally turn their eyes away from proper treatment of their hand and feet. It is very essential to keep the glow and fairness of your hand in sync with your your face. It looks really awkward when your skin gets darker on your hand and feet in comparison to your face… quite a blotchy statement to make.

One of the major problems associated with hand and feet is dryness coupled with roughness. That’s because these tows are the most overworked and overexposed parts of our body… and unfortunately most neglected also!

Cracked heels of feet is another problem that leaves very odd impression. With summers on full swing, problems related with skin care, specially pertaining to hands and feet became more prevalent and obvious. While you step out in the sun in fancy short dresses  or sleeveless tops your arms, hand and legs come in direct exposure of harmful UV rays of the sun that cause discoloration, darkening, rashes and tanning.

With temperatures soaring in the summers and your feet that is enclosed in tight shoes throughout the day makes your feet prone to several infections like fungal infections, blisters, psoriasis, and of course smelly feet.

General Tips on How to Take Care of Hands and Feet at Home

  • Arms– Arms are the part of the body that defines your overall beauty. Dry, rough and glum hands can cast dark shadow on your over all look. No matter how good looking your face may be but a single sight on your hand will make you feel uncomfortable. If you wish to look really beautiful you can’t put the beauty regimen for you hand and feet on the back seat. They are as important as the look of your face. So next time take care of your hand and feet and indulge your self to up your confidence substantially.
  • Apply Lightweight Moisturizer on your Hands– It can be good excuse that you don’t get as much time for regular skin care and you only go for some quick beauty and skin care session that mostly evolves around face and hair care. Here is something that can make a huge difference in your persona if you will give 15 to 20 minutes daily. You can spare some time during evenings to apply a lightweight moisturizer. For better result you can add coconut milk extracts and mint to it. Applying mint-based moisturizer every night will be very effective in reducing tanning, cool the rashes. It have cool and soothing effect on your skin and keep you refreshed whole next day.
  • Have a Good Care of Your Armpits and Beat Body Odor- Your armpits are more prone to fungal infections during the summers due to accumulation of dirt and bacteria. Use a nice anti-bacterial soap and wash your armpits properly while bath. Keep your underarms hair free…shave off unnecessary hair regularly. Never forgot to apply deodorant while going out.
  • Take Care of your Elbows– Many time elbows doesn’t get as much attention as they deserve and they remain darker in comparison to other parts of your arms. You should scrub your elbows with a nice scrubber at least twice in a week so that you can get rid of the dead tissues and dirt that cause darker elbows. You can also use coconut oil or mustard oil or lime to take care of your elbow.
  • Use a Nice Sunscreen– If you are fed up of red rashes that appear on your arms because of intense heat. While wearing short dresses and tops, never forget to apply a sunscreen that have high SPF value. SPF value of 30+ will be good for tropical Indian conditions.

You can go for a proper manicure if you want to have nice looking hands. You can also perform a simple manicure at your home.

  • Firstly to perform manicure is to gather all essential stuffs required for it. A few required items for manicure are nail polish, nail clippers, nail-polish remover, cotton swabs, cuticle pusher, cuticle remover, hand moisturizer, base coat, etc.
  • Put your hand in a bowl of soapy water and cleanse it. You can also put essential oil your choice in it.
  • After cleansing your hand rub it dry with a clean towel and apply cuticle cream on the nail intact. Keep it for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Soak a cotton ball with nail polish remover. Remove all the leftover polish with this. Wipe out cuticle cream and remove the cuticle with cuticle remover.
  • Took a good nail cutter / nail clipper and give a proper shape to your nail and apply some lemon juice to your nail this will reduce yellowness of your nail.
  • Now apply a quality lotion or hand cream on your hands and keep it on your hand for 7 minutes. This will make your hand feel soft and refreshed afterwards.
  • Now you can decorate and polish your nails. You can use base coat to polish your nails.

Doing manicure and pedicure twice a week will make your hand and feet stylish and beautiful.

How to Take Care of Feet

Feet are the part of body that sustain the harsh treatments the moment we step out of our home. In summers feet remain enclosed in shoes that sometime cause infection. Improper treatment and negligence often lead to cracked feet. In most cases cracked feet are associated with drying and untidy feet.

  • Put your Feet in Lukewarm Water– The best way to treat your feet is to soak your feet in lukewarm water regularly. This is way to ease down the effect of pollution, dust and tiredness. Putting you feet in warm water also refresh your body and enhance the blood circulation in the feet. You should do this basic thing regularly for lovely and relaxed feet.
  • Foot Powder– Foot powders is essential beauty product for feet that can effectively soak up excessive moisture from your feet in the hot months. A nice and scented powder will make your feet feel good and also keep you refreshed through out the day. It also eases down the problem of smelly feet. Every time apply a good amount of foot power on feet if want to keep your feet freshen and away form odor.
  • Sun Protect– Sun protection is not only needed for your face and hand. It is equally important for your feet also undue exposure of sun make your feet look more darker. Every time you step out in the sun apply some generous amount of sunscreen on your feet. It will protect your feet from sunburn and darkening.
  • Knees- Knees also need very special care. Regular scrubbing and care of knees will make them beautiful. With dark and improper knees it will be compelled to miss your favorite denims and trousers this season should have to opt for skirts and full dresses instead. If you want to wear mini skirts and trousers make sure that you keep your knees spotless and clean.

A regular visit for pedicure can work wonders… head in for a foot massage once every week. This will keep your feet clean. Trim your toe nails to avoid dirt and dust from accumulating under your toe nails. Here are few homely stuff that can be used for proper care of various skin related problems of your hand and feet.

  • Onions and Lemon Juice – Red onion and Lemon juice are natural acids when they are combined together they work a bleach. They are very effective homely alternative for darker skin of your hand often formulated with harsh chemicals. Take a teaspoon of onion juice and and a teaspoon of lemon juice and make a fine mixture of both ingredients. Apply this mixture on your skin and wash it off after 15 to 20 minutes. You a mild cleanser to wash your hands and feet properly after this.. else it will smell kinda creaky!
  • Peppermint- Peppermint tea is very helpful in increasing the blood circulation it provide the skin a great vivid glow. You can also apply peppermint on your skin by making a paste of it. Applying pepper mint on your skin have great refreshing effect and it can reverse the consequences of summer heat from the skin of your hand and feet.
  • Mixture of Lemon and Glycerin- Take two tea spoon of lime juice, one tablespoon of glycerin and one table spoon of rose water. Make a fine mixture and store it in glass bottle. Apply this mixture daily one and half before taking and wash in the morning before taking bath. You can also apply it on your hand before going to bed.
  • Besan, Lime Juice and Milk- Make a nice mixture by combining 2 tablespoons of besan (gram flour) and 1 tablespoons milk and lime juice. Apply this mixture on your hand and keep it for 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off. Doing it daily will make your hand beautiful and soft.
  • Curd, Turmeric and Besan- Mixture of curd and besan can work wonder for your skin. Mix three teaspoons of curd , one teaspoon of turmeric and two teaspoon of besan. Make a fine mixture and apply it in your hand and leg. After few minutes wash it off with cold water. Doing this regularly will make your skin of hand leg soft and beautiful.



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