Save Your Hair By Avoiding These Mistakes Before Going To Bed |

Save Your Hair By Avoiding These Mistakes Before Going To Bed

Are you facing too much hair fall? I am sure the answer is Yes! Around 41 per cent of women suffer from hair breakage almost every day. Losing hait from the roots is a result of high tech hair tools of course, like ironing, blow-drying, curling, hair straightening and even perming. Today I am going to talk about some mistakes that you have been making almost daily with your hairs. It will surely help you save your hairs from breaking away.

Who doesn’t dream of a mane which is bouncy and shines with all its glory? Well, everyone does. But not everyone is that lucky. But it is also a matter of fact that we do not pay enough attention to our hair and let it succumb to everyday haircare faux pas. Today in this article we are going to share with you some of the night time haircare habits that you must avoid in order to keep your hair healthy and problem free.

1. Sleeping with wet hair- Not only this may result into a sore throat but may also lead to infections. Though not visible to the naked eye, but your pillow case is the breeding ground of bacteria. When you sleep on this pillow with wet hair you are providing the bacteria with a comfortable space to breed, thus increasing in number and giving you scalp infections, dandruff, etc.

2. Tying hair with clips- Hair clips are very harsh on the hair as compared to hair ties. The hair clips damage the hair shaft. Along with that, the hair clips are very uncomfortable to sleep with. A better alternative is to tie your hair with a hair tie into a loose bun or plait.

3. Too much brushing- We have all heard of that old brushing rule which says that you must brush your hair 100 strokes in a go in order to keep your hair healthy. But that may not be true because this may lead to severe hair fall. Instead, you should make it a point to just massage your scalp with your fingers at night in a gentle motion to improve the blood flow and thus the scalp health.

4. Not using a suitable brush- This may sound like too much of a hassle but it can actually make a whole lot of difference to your hair health. Always use a wide toothed comb or a hair brush with boar bristles to comb your hair. As these are gentler on the scalp and hair and also make sure that the natural oils are well distributed along the hair scalp and shaft.

5. Combing from roots- Most of us are guilty of doing this. When we comb/brush our hair we always start from the roots gradually going down the shaft. But this way we are actually creating more tangles in our hair making them more susceptible to hair fall. The correct way is to start brushing your hair is somewhere at the 1/3rd ends of your hair and when this part is tangle-free you can move upward.

6. Leaving your hair open- no one sleeps in just one position all throughout the night. We all twist and turn all through the night which eventually leads to a lot of tugging and eventually hair loss. So if you are someone who is losing hair and cannot find the reason for the same then this is it, if you do not wish to deal with a hair fall then make sure to tie your hair in a loose braid or bun.

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