Helix - The New Eyeliner Trend Going Viral in Instagram

Helix – The New Eyeliner Trend Going Viral in Instagram

Over the past few days, many people have reveled in the glorious liner skills of the instagram makeup queens. Recently, ‘helix liner’ has become admired and recreated so I thought I would give it a try. When I first saw this trend that thing it reminded me most of was the snake emoji, so if you ever need to subliminally tell someone they are being a shady snake, why not just tell them with your eyeliner.

Ready for the next hot makeup trend? It’s one that will take practice and lots of patience but the results are worth it if you like to think outside of the box and let your makeup take center-stageю It is called “helix eyeliner,” and it is definitely not for the faint-hearted or for the woman who can’t draw a straight line to save their lives. The corkscrew looking liner technique takes winged eyeliner to a whole new level that we never knew existed.

helix eyeliner

Want to give helix eyeliner a try? I hope you would say that so I have the steps for you:

First, start by applying a standard black liner, angling it upward and out to form a dramatic cat eye. Next, using a paint or gel liner in your favorite neon color, carefully trace a thread that loops around the line that you created in the first step. Stand back and admire your handiwork. Or, if you are like me, get out the cotton swabs, dip them in makeup remover, and start all over again.

The end results of the helix eyeliner makeup should resemble something of an optical illusion that your liner is actually three-dimensional. Or, in other words, it should resemble the helix-shaped DNA strand, which is where it gets its clever name.

When it comes to makeup, there’s inspiration everywhere… Especially on Instagram! From quick tutorials to experimental looks, there’s a whole lot you can learn by scrolling through the app. One such example, is the #helixeyeliner.

Designed to imitate the helical structure of a DNA strand, this look provides an interesting twist on a regular cat-eye. To copy this look, start with an inky black liner and an angled brush. Use these tools to paint on a dramatic cat-eye. Feel free to add to the drama by increasing the length of the wing!

After letting the formula dry completely, dampen a stiff brush and dip it into a powder eyeshadow. Draw small semi-circles along the wing to create a spiral. Remember to add a flick at the end to give the illusion of a string looping around your cat-eye.


Whilst most liners will work for this look, we prefer gel formulas for their glossy finish and longevity. For the helix, try out vibrant hues like MAC’s Eye Shadow in ‘Zinc Blue’. Once you master a single colour, you can even use a variety of shades to create an ombré effect.

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