Lipsticks Shades Guide For First Timers

Lipsticks Shades Guide For First Timers

As far as makeup products go, I think lipstick is probably the most intimidating one out there. Personally, I love lipstick because it can make your entire look pop. It’s also a product you can wear when you’re not wearing anything else and still look totally put together. I usually have about three or four lipsticks in my bag at one time because I never know which one I’m going to feel like using!

As a lipstick virgin, you may be nervous to jump right in the hay. Instead, start with a lip gloss or even a tinted balm. While these may not add that much color to your lips, it will get you accustomed to the feeling of having product (and color!) on your pout. Lipstick can feel like a chore sometimes with all that reapplying throughout the day—lip gloss is the lazy girl’s option. When the product smudges off, there’s no stain left behind. Reapply for that instant shine or wait until you head out the door — the choice is up to you!

But when I first started using lipstick, I was nervous too. I went through a lot of bad shades, and it took some time to figure out which lipsticks were right for me. If you’re just starting out, check out these 7 tips and tricks for beginners:

There Are Different Finish Types

There are various finishes when it comes to lipstick. You’ll often find matte, satin, and cream. Some lipsticks even have a glossy finish. Satin and cream lipsticks are easier on your lips while matte finishes can be super drying to create the flat, velvety effect.

Choosing A Color

Finding the perfect lipstick color for you can be really difficult, especially with bright colors like reds or pinks. For skin tones with pink undertones, lean toward cool shades. For skin tones with bluish undertones, lean toward warmer shades.

Get A My Lips But Better Shade

Every single girl needs a “My Lips But Better” shade of lipstick. It’s basically a shade that enhances your lips. To find your MLBB shade, pick something that’s maybe a shade or two darker than your lip color and slightly sheer.

You Should Have The Essentials

There are an overwhelming amount of lipstick shades out there. It can be so intimidating, I know. Personally, I think everyone should have a nude lipstick, pink lipstick, red lipstick, and one funky color.

Prepare Your Lips

Lipstick isn’t something you can just toss on. Your lips need to be prepared! Before you apply, make sure you exfoliate your lips thoroughly first. Always apply a lip balm to hydrate your lips first to avoid drying your lips out.

How To Apply

There isn’t really a wrong way to apply lipstick, but my best advice is to do it slowly and carefully so you don’t get any on your face! If you have trouble staying in the lines or you find your lipstick migrates a lot, you might want to use a lip liner. Or if you just like lip liner, you can use it too! If you really want your color to pop, apply a concealer first to neutralize the color of your mouth.


Removing your lipstick can be a bit of a pain, especially if you applied it correctly so it didn’t come off! You can use Vaseline, Aquaphor, makeup remover, or a makeup wipe to get the majority off. Then exfoliate your lips with a scrub or a wet toothbrush and hydrate to keep your lips soft and smooth.



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