8 Makeup Trends for Winter 2016

8 Makeup Trends for Winter 2016

The best thing about dressing up in a season of transition is that you can use some elements from the last season and the one that is coming. Fall makeup for 2016 is all about a little mixing, a little matching, but full-on glamour and dazzling. Some common themes were there too, such as well-defined brows and distinct lashes. From the berry lips of Dolce and Gabbana to the smudgy Grunge eyes of Roberto Cavalli, we’ve seen it all. And now, here’s my honest opinion on them all, and how I would wear them.

flowers in the hair

Flowers in the air:

There won’t be too many flowers in just a few days, so why not make the most of them why they last. You may ditch the giant flower crowns that are blooming over college campuses, but a dainty headband over wavy hair or a simple floral do over a messy bun is definitely hot. Do remember to keep your makeup natural for a more natural floral look.

orange pout

An Orange Pout: 

Bright lips the color of young flames first warmed up into our hearts in 2012. As of 2016, this trend is back with a fresh flame. This makeup trend is ideal for those blessed with flawless complexion (or those who can ape it with makeup). Satiny finishes in orange will find favor over completely matte or completely glossy. The look is more like that of a stain rather than a full on slather of lipstick – think of how your lips get stained after an orange bar.


Sunset on the Eyes:

Sunset-worthy shades were all over the runways (Adam Selman, Michael Kors, Derek Lam). Peach and pink hues are usually spring and summer colors, but a lot of eyes are seeing the hues of sunset. And if they are in metallic, that much the better.Bronze, gold, copper and rose are eye shadow shades to keep your eyes open for! By the way, warm matte tones enhance every eye color. No matter what season, it adds a touch of warmth.

nude lips

Nude Lips:

Nude lip colors never go out of fashion and are so much more wearable – like EVERYWHERE! Stock one shade in a sheer and one shade in semi-glossy versions to keep looking sophisticated and chic. Nude mattes are definitely avoidable by all. They look only like concealer sticks you know!

strong brows

Strong Brows:

Bold brows, first made big by the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor and Brooke Shields, are making a comeback thanks to supermodel Cara Delevingne. To really make your eyes pop, gently fill in the brows to get the shape you want and lightly apply a powder over it. It’s the perfect way to enhance your eyes while adding depth and dimension to your look.


Graphic Eyeliner:

This winter, take a liner, and just play with it around your eyes, because the runway looks showed everything from double wing to outer liner to fake lashes drawn out with eyeliners. Runway makeup artists went all out creating drawn on lashes and thick, straight outer liner. Plus it would take a lot of patience to do it well, and time. But if I would wear it, it would be a double wing or geometric winged liner.

flush blush

Flush Blush:

If you want to add more color to your winter look, try some fuchsia or rose blush. This trend was seen at Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Tibi as a rose-pink colored blush, one that’s naturally given by the winter cold weather winters. At Armani, this was taken up a notch, with fuchsia blush paired with fuchsia lips, and very lightly smokey eyes. Me likee. Seems like a great way to look bright and cheery in the bleak winter months! The way I would wear it will be that I would match the blush with my lips, and make it conspicuously bright, but not overdone or cartoon-ish.

smudged grunge

Smudgy Grunge Eyes:

this winter we’ll be seeing some more wearable and easier smokey eyes. Or let’s call it smudgy. I’m kind of over this trend, there’s been just too much of smudge/smoke/black, and it looks depressing in the winter. Not to mention it’s already smudgy, so it starts to look even more worn out by the end of the evening. Anyway, if you’re into this look, it would be good for a night-out. Pair it with barely there blush and just a hint of clear lipgloss. If I were to do it, I’d use some silver or shimmer with it to make it more metallic smokey and less smudgy.

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