Chrome Nails "The Coolest New Manicure Trend"

Chrome Nails “The Coolest New Manicure Trend”

The coolest nail polish trend is happening right now. And if you’re not already obsessed with chrome nails, you’re about to be. Sure, super metallic and foiled-finish nail polishes have always been pretty drool-worthy. Chrome nails have been hitting the scene everywhere.super metallic and foiled-finish nail polishes have always been pretty drool-worthy. But this takes that mirrored, high-shine finish to the next level.

There are quite a few steps, and a lot of curing that needs to happen for chrome nails to look their best. While you could totally still achieve the look at home with the right tools, if you don’t have all of the ingredients, aren’t much of a DIY-er, or just don’t want to have to clean up a bunch of sparkly powder.It is getting popular day by day on social networking like -Instagram.however, the chrome mirror nail effect might surpass the popularity of minx nails.

With mirror nails being a big hit this summer, people will likely look for the easiest ways to emulate the trend without going through too much trouble.The trend has been around for a while, but resurfaced when the #ShatteredGlassNails trend became popular.

Chrome nails are THE it thing at the moment. Every second video you see on Instagram is someone rubbing that silver powder into their polish.  Of course there is a good reason for this, it’s freaking cool! Not just the finished product (which looks awesome) but the application process is fun and magical.

mirror nails



Before you start here are five tried-and-tested tips (and pitfalls) to create the perfect chrome nail art:

1. Use a legit nail powder. You can find inexpensive powders for a pound on Amazon or you can spend a bit more and end up with a superior shine.

2. A gel polish and gel top coat is the only way to go. However tempting, do not use your regular polishes, you won’t get the mirrored effect, you’ll be left with glitter nails (cute but not what you’re after).

3. The colour of your polish creates a different effect. Although the powder is silver, you can paint your nails any colour underneath and that is what will be the deciding factor on the final colour your nails appear. Black gel works as a really great base, you’ll be left with a deep shiny mirror effect. Or as you can see in the video above, pink will create rose gold nails.

4. Wait for your nails to dry. fundamentally important. The glitter doesn’t need a wet nail to stick, it needs the opposite: Dry. As. A. Bone. Patience, people.

5. An eyeshadow brush is your numero uno tool. The powder is really fine so a brush is the neatest tool for buffing and creating maximum shine.

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