Is Your Children insisting on putting on heavy make-up? |

Is Your Children insisting on putting on heavy make-up?

One of my friend was surprised when her daughter’s school principal summoned her to his office. His tone told her that all was not well. “Child” is a star performer in school – be it in academics or extra-curricular activities. So she would have assumed that the call was to inform her that the girl has won yet another prize at school, if it wasn’t for the principal’s tone,” recalls the 40-year-old. When she got there, she spotted her ten-year-old daughter waiting in the principal’s office. Sir did a double take – The girl was wearing visible, rather heavy, makeup. “mother was of course shocked, because her child didn’t leave school looking that way.” On the course of her chat with the principal, she learnt that the girl was a third-time offender and that she didn’t pay heed to her teacher’s previous warnings, thus forcing them to call her mother to school.
While it’s OK and even fun to play dress-up complete with make-up, city psychiatrists and psychologists point out that an increasing number of adolescents (and sometimes, even children) insist on applying make-up years before it’s time. Psychiatrist and therapist, says that parents have approached them for counselling with children as young as eight insisting on wearing heaving make-up. “And they are not talking about applying a simple lip balm. they are talking about putting proper make-up, complete with compact and mascara. That’s when it becomes an issue.”

An early onset of skin-related problems is only one of milder repercussions in such instances; experts caution that core issues that trigger such behaviour may run even deeper. Here’s what parents need to know if their young child has suddenly taken a serious, unsettling interest in make-up:

Thier could be several reasons for this, it can be –


Sometimes new friends in school, pushed your child to wear make-up to school. “These are the rich, spoilt and popular kids in school and they loved hanging out in the mall looking far beyond their age. Most of them steal their mothers’ make-up.” With the help of a counselor, you can explain your child that she shouldn’t do anything that doesn’t make her happy or comfortable.


Wearing make-up regularly at a far younger age can distort a kid’s sense of identity. “They need to be told that their sense of confidence and self-worth must come from the way they carry themselves and the person that they are, and not from the way they look.”


I have read the case of a nine-year-old who had developed a compulsive habit of applying make-up. “Her parents were going through a divorce and not handling it well. They used to stay out till late at night -working, and the child was left alone at home. In school, she was a back bencher and was not getting any attention there either. So she wanted to look desirable and wanted to look pretty. She was looking for emotional gratification. Such kids tend to come from broken families or those that lack stability. “Sometimes in such cases, caregivers themselves may suffer from severe self-esteem issues, which prompts them to be extremely critical of their kids.

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