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Female Bollywood Khan

“I left home at 16 because of my choice of career. I came to Delhi where I enrolled into Modelling Agency. After some time, the agency sent me to Mumbai for an ad audition but I never came back. In Mumbai, an agent took me to very famous director’s office where I was rejected for Gangster because I looked too young. However, after a few months, director called up to confirm my role in the movie.” – Kangana Ranaut


Kangana Ranaut is much more than just an actor, she is a revolutionist in her own terms. Kangna is setting new benchmarks in woman empowerment through cinema, be it in ‘Queen’ or now ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’, she is undoubtedly  breaking  societal norms through her movies. With the success of Queen people are referring her as one of the finest actresses in Bollywood today.

5 best quotes by Kangana Ranaut you will love to hear!

1- “Films are not meant to make people fashion-oriented or glorify their beauty. Films are about good stories and it could be of anyone. It could also be of an ugly girl.”
2- “There is a strong sense of overcompensating, the fact that I come from a small town, and I’ve been made to feel like somebody who doesn’t belong here helped me grow into a person who’s very stylish versus other girls who are Miss Worlds, or supermodels, or some celebrity daughter, who do not feel as much pressure. It helped me be somebody who deserves to be here and not just somebody who happened to be here.”
3- “I’ve seen life up close. I know how to appreciate small joys and how little is actually needed to stay happy. In Mandi (Himachal Pardesh), we’d laze on chatais (mats) under the sun during winters and felt as if we were in heaven. I must give credit to my family for bringing us up normally. We were taught to be sensitive towards the feelings of others. As an artiste that sensitivity helps me understand my characters well.”
4- “I have been the struggler of the century. Fortunately, everyone loves the underdog. But it would be hard to start with a film like Queen. All my years as an actress led to this.”
5-  ” I don’t understand this. Why do people get married? I don’t understand the whole setup and the reason behind it….Especially for girls, I see it as a very big problem. Because they are never encouraged to be something…Every now and then we were scolded for not following instructions. The main instruction was, ‘how are you going to behave in your in-laws house’, even when I was tiny…We shouldn’t have a ready setup to be given to a man, like a fully trained dog to take care of the house.”

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